Friends and Guests FAQ

Friends and Guests is a vacation rental listing site that focuses on social connections. Our mission is to connect hosts and guests before a vacation rental is booked. We are all about building the relationship between hosts and guests. F&G will offer:

  • Free public listings worldwide and optional premium features for public hosts.
  • Premium Private listings for hosts who want to share listing details only with select individuals.
  • A network of connections for hosts and guests, similar to connections on LinkedIn or ‘friends’ on Facebook.
  • Integration with Facebook allows hosts to easily invite Facebook Friends to their property’s Guest List.
  • Full disclosure of the identities of hosts and guests so that both parties can learn about each other prior to make booking decisions.
  • Ability to link your website and Facebook business page.
FeaturesFriends & GuestsAirbnbVRBO
Basic vacation rental listing✔️✔️✔️
Access to guest’s email and phone number prior to booking.✔️X✔️
Link to other websites✔️XX
Private listings✔️XX
Guest Lists✔️XX
Leverages social connections of hosts and guests✔️XX
Calendars, seasonal pricing, and online bookingsEstimated early 2017✔️✔️

Stay tuned! We are working hard to have a calendar feature in the first quarter of 2017 and an online booking search tool shortly thereafter.

  • A Guest List is a collection of individuals who want to book and stay at a property.
  • A Guest List allows hosts and guests to easily connect.
  • Hosts can send an email invite to past guests, contacts and send requests to F&G members.
  • Individuals need to accept the invite to get on the Guest List.
  • Only Guest List members can see full listing details of Private listings.

If you Favorite Favorite Filled Heart a listing, the host will get a notification that you’re interested in joining the Guest List.You could also message the host directly. Ensure you have a completed profile so hostscan get to know a bit about you.

Guest List suggestions are generated by F&G and include individuals who have viewed or favorited your listing. You can send out invites to the individuals on your Guest List suggestions page. Hosts can also invite individuals to Guest Lists by sending an invitation to F&G users or to anyone by email. Members can join or leave a Guest List at any time.

At F&G we recognize that you, the host, need to be in control of your vacation rental business. We’re here to foster the relationships between hosts and guests resulting in new bookings, referrals and repeat, happy guests. By signing up with F&G, hosts will benefit from:

  1. Guest Screening: F&G allows hosts to easily research and vet guests before accepting bookings. F&G encourages free communication between hosts and guests.
  2. Multiple Payment Options: Hosts can accept any payment option that works for their vacation rental business. F&G will be launching an online booking tool, with competitive credit card processing rates.
  3. Repeat Bookings: F&G facilitates repeat bookings by encouraging hosts and guests to stay in touch through the ‘Guest List’.
  4. Referrals: F&G highlights your listing to your Guest List members and Facebook friends.
  5. Customer Groups: A future feature of F&G will allow hosts to organize people, such as friends, past guests or travelers who have made inquiries into lists. Hosts can use these lists to communicate and promote their property with the people who are more likely to book their property.

Our pricing model is based on our philosophy of connecting public hosts and guests directly before any transactions are made. A basic public listing is free with optional premium services offered for a low monthly fee. Private listings are available for $20/month paid annually. For more details, please see Pricing.

  • List and publish a Public listing to the F&G site before June 30, 2017 and get a Premium Membership for one year FREE.
  • The new published listing must include at least ten (10) high-quality photos and a full description including amenities, details, pricing, and house rules.
  • Check the Terms and Eligibility listed on the Pricing page for more information.

If you signed up with Facebook, you don’t need a password to log in. You can simply click on the Facebook login button on the login page.

Otherwise, visit this link to reset your password. If you need further assistance, please click the chat icon in the lower right of this page.

With Friends and Guests (F&G), hosts can publish a private listing that will be hidden from the public. A private host can provide full listing access or limited details to select individuals. This enables private hosts to screen potential guests before sharing any details about the property.

Security and privacy are critical for private hosts. F&G allows you to customize and control who can view the homes you list on F&G. When you create a private listing, you can preview how listing details are seen by the public, your contacts (currently Facebook friends), and your Guest List members. Once you’ve viewed how your listing looks to these different groups, you can publish or keep editing. If you have questions, the F&G team is here to help you get your listing properly configured to your desired level of privacy.

Privacy is a core feature of our system. If we goof up with your privacy, then our business is ruined. F&G is designed from the ground up with privacy from the host perspective in mind. You choose what to share with whom. You can share as much or as little as you like. F&G was built to optimize the host experience, as we believe that happy hosts will make for a vibrant F&G system. Plus, the founders are hosts that want privacy options, so we know what it’s like be a private host!

  • Guests agree to keep private listing details confidential.
  • Guests will be expected to cover the cost of a professional cleaning after their stay. Additional charges may apply as communicated between hosts and guests.

Facebook friends are a type of “contact.” In the future, hosts will be able to specify what counts as “contacts,” such as imported email contacts or other social platforms. At first, F&G will only support Facebook friends as contacts. We will be expanding the options for contacts soon.

To enrich the travel experience by creating a network for connecting hosts and guests.

  1. Host Focused: Appreciate our hosts. We are focused on optimizing host experiences allowing them to manage guests and build their vacation rental business. Your vacation rental is your business, we’re here to support and help.
  2. Integrity: Align the interests of hosts and guests with the interests of F&G through honesty, transparency, openness and a commitment to supporting all users of our site.
  3. Relationship: Foster positive and open relationships with hosts and guests.
  4. Privacy: Committed to security and privacy. Sharing of private listing details will only occur if the host approves it.
  • “We live on the property with our small children. We don’t want to take a chance with total strangers on our property.”
  • “I don’t like negotiating with strangers over the price of my place. For me, my time and peace of mind are more important than a few extra dollars.”
  • “I don’t want to operate a vacation rental business, with all the rules and regulations. I just want to share my place with family and friends and set a minimal rate or cover cleaning fees.”
  • “I want my friends to know that paying a cleaning fee is standard for all my friends, and I want to give everyone an easy way to pay the cleaning fee in advance.”
  • “I already share my place with friends via an occasional email. However, my friends still feel like they are imposing to ask if they can stay.”
  • “I tried advertising my place to friends on Facebook, but they would never remember that I have a place for friends, or they didn’t see my Facebook posts.”