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Try Friends and Guests to explore how your connections can benefit your vacation rental business. Sign up for our free basic public listing plan or try a premium private subscription for 6 months free.

Public Listing


  • Build a guest list of former & future guests
  • Access to guest contact details
  • Open host-guest communication
  • Unrestricted cancellation policies
  • Set guest policies & house rules
  • Leverage social connections & contacts
  • Link to your website, other listing sites & Facebook

Public Subscription

$20 per listing / month


Includes all free basic public listing features plus...

  • Custom URL
  • Priority Ranking
  • Promotional tools to:
  • Unrestricted cancellation policies
    • Boost referrals
    • Increase repeat business
    • Fill calendar gaps
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First 3 months free. No credit card required.

Private Subscription

$20 per listing / month

  • Control who sees your listing: completely hide it from public or allow limited preview to Facebook friends
  • Full listing details visible to guest list members only
  • Priority ranking view to your guest list members and contacts
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