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Putting Hosts in Control of Their Vacation Rental Business

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How to Host on Friends and Guests

We use social and personal connections to promote your vacation rental and increase your bookings.

Get Bookings!

  • Travellers search for a desired location, find your property and book your home.
  • Learn more about potential guests through their Facebook profiles.

Build a Guest List!

  • Send an email invite to all your past guests.
  • Invite Facebook Friends to your Guest List.
  • Accept the site’s suggestions based on visitors to your listing and your Facebook connections. Invite those individuals to your guest list.

Promote Your Listing!

  • Send promotions or newsletters to your guest list.*
  • Organize your Guest List into groups.*
  • Future feature

Need more privacy? You can create a private listing only available to individuals you select.

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Steps to Hosting with Friends and Guests


Sign Up to Host and Create a Public Listing

What Is a Listing?

A listing helps guests know what your place is like. Fill out a description, upload lots of photos, set your price and house rules. Tip: professional photos get the best results!

Who Can Book?

Your listing is public so anyone can request to book your home. You still have the opportunity to learn more about a guest prior to accepting any booking.


Build Your Guest List

What Is a Guest List?

A Guest List is a great way to organize your guests, promote your property and build relationships with guests on your list.

Chat With Your Guests

Guest contact details are shared with hosts so you can get to know each other prior to booking. Ensuring that guests are a good fit for your property is important.

How to Build a Guest List?

Import a list of email addresses and invite guests to your list. Guests need to accept your invite to get on the list.


Get Set Up

What to Charge

What you charge is up to you. Check your local area for comparable properties.

How You Get Paid

You determine your preferred forms of payment.

Set Up Your Space

Keep your home well-maintained for guest use and provide the essentials.

How Guests Pay

Guests pay you directly.

House Rules

Clearly outline house rules, expectations and costs for all guests.

Cancellation Policies

You have the flexibility to establish your cancellation policies.

Putting Hosts in Control of Their Vacation Rental Business

Add a Listing Now